About NYC Open Data

NYC Open Data makes the wealth of public data generated by various New York City agencies and other City organizations available for public use. As part of an initiative to improve the accessibility, transparency, and accountability of City government, this catalog offers access to a repository of government-produced, machine-readable data sets.
Anyone can use these data sets to participate in and improve government by conducting research and analysis or creating applications, thereby gaining a better understanding of the services provided by City agencies and improving the lives of citizens and the way in which government serves them.
The data sets are available in a variety of machine-readable formats and are refreshed when new data becomes available. Data is presented by category, by City agency, or by other City organization. Descriptions of the data, the collection method, and other contextual material, called metadata, make the data sets easier to understand and use. Use of these data sets and how they are generated can be better understood by reading the Terms of Use.

How the City Uses Data to Create a Better City

The Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics (MODA), the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DOITT), and NYC Digital work together to collect, analyze, and share NYC Data, to create a better City supported by data-based decision making, and to promote public use of City data.
The City of New York is a national model for collecting data to measure government performance. Agencies routinely collect data on buildings, streets, infrastructure, businesses, and other entities within the City, including permits, licenses, crime related data, and 311 complaints. MODA centralizes City data, uniting previously disconnected pieces of information from various agencies, and pairs it with NY state, federal, and other open data to create a comprehensive City-wide data platform that serves as a record of City activity, and a foundation for NYC Open Data. DoITT and MODA work closely together to use that platform, DataBridge, to reduce safety risk in the City, deliver daily services more efficiently, and enforce laws more effectively.
The mission of NYC Digital is to realize New York City's potential as the world's leading digital city, by creating meaningful public-private partnerships that serve New Yorkers and support economic development. NYC Digital produces the City's Digital Roadmap, NYC's technology plan for access, education, open government, engagement, and industry. In partnership with MODA, NYC Digital directs Code Corps, the nation's first municipal program that engages vetted volunteer technologists to support City emergency and disaster recovery needs.